We at CharlesJames Developments are an experienced team of loft conversion specialists based in Cardiff. We will convert your empty loft to a functional space that can be put to good use. Lofts can be converted into bedrooms, offices, gyms, storage spaces and much more.

Add Value to your Cardiff Home

Our loft conversion service can enable the boosting of your home’s value by up to 20%. Customers perceive extra space in their home to be of more value; hence, they are willing to part with a premium price for the added comfort of a loft conversion. Extra loft space is essential for homeowners whose families may be growing making it ideal to have an additional bedroom, lounge or storage room.

People who need houses with extra space may resort to moving houses, which is a costly and time-consuming affair. We can remove such costs by converting your loft to have the extra space needed, thereby saving you time and unwanted expenditure. The loft conversion also comes with high returns on your investment even after accruing substantial savings on not moving houses. The disruption that comes with moving houses is also avoided, making it the best solution when it comes to fulfilling your additional space requirements.

When it comes to loft conversions in Cardiff, it is an easy project as no permissions are required from the authorities to undertake the project. An elegant loft conversion can be done in under ten weeks, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve as a homeowner. For this reason, many homeowners have opted to work with us to enjoy the extra unused space in their lofts as the process is easy, and no significant disruptions occur.

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Environmentally Friendly Investment

Windows that can be installed on loft conversions tend to be in clear line of sight to the sun as there are no obstructions. This means that your home gets to enjoy natural sunlight because of the height and positioning of lofts. This makes it aesthetically appealing to the occupants as well as those who view the house from the outside. The added benefit of this also extends to energy savings. Natural light can be used instead of using electricity, thereby making loft conversions environment-friendly investments.

It is clear that it is advantageous to have a professional design and install your loft conversion. The investment will lead to overall savings in the end. You, as the customer, will also enjoy quality works that will go a long way in improving the value of your house and its aesthetics.