CharlesJames Developments are an experienced team of loft conversion specialists throughout Cardiff and South Wales. We will convert your empty loft into a functional space that can be put to good use, such as a master bedroom, offices, gyms, and storage spaces.

Bespoke Loft Conversions Provided Throughout Cardiff

We put careful consideration into merging modern building materials and methods and combining them with the traditional ones utilised in the original development of your property. The end result is a loft conversion that shows the original features of the property, with the additional benefit of keeping in line with strict energy and construction requirements.

We aim to leave you with a finished space that presents new opportunities for you and your home with as little disruption as possible. We take pride in each project we undertake and are committed to making your ideas a reality.

We also provide kitchen services and dedicated interior design services to complete your vision for your new loft space.

Whether you need an extra bedroom, child’s playroom, study space, or bathroom, our loft conversion provides new opportunities for your family home.

All of our loft conversions are tailored to suit your requirements and home’s layout. We design around your concepts to create and produce your dream loft conversion on time at an affordable cost.

If you want to learn more about our services or you would like a free quote, contact us today or visit our showroom.



Friendly, Professional & Personal

Our customers regularly provide positive feedback to our team for being professional, friendly and the quality of the final result. Our experts understand that they are not on a building site but within your home, thus guaranteeing the lowest disruption possible to your everyday life. This aspect of the project is something we take seriously and are proud of.

Environmentally Friendly Investment

Windows that can be installed on different types of loft conversions tend to be in a clear line of sight to the sun as there are no obstructions. This means that your home gets to enjoy natural sunlight because of the height and positioning. The added benefit of this also extends to energy savings. Natural light can be used instead of using electricity, thereby making it an environment-friendly investment.

No Planning Permission Required

When converting your loft, planning is straightforward as there are no permissions are required from the authorities to undertake the project. A project can be done in under ten weeks, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve as a homeowner. For this reason, many homeowners have opted to work with us to enjoy the extra unused space in their lofts as the process is easy, and no significant disruptions occur.

Add Value to Your Home

Our loft service can enable the boosting of your home’s value by up to 20%. Customers perceive extra space in their home to be of more value; hence, they are willing to part with a premium price for the added comfort of a loft conversion. Extra loft space is essential for homeowners whose families may be growing making it ideal to have an additional bedroom, en suite, lounge or storage room.


Loft Conversion FAQs

How long will my loft conversion take to build?

The length of time it takes to complete a loft conversion depends on the work you are having done, how big your attic is as well as the layout. Typically, a simple attic conversion will take on average 6-8 weeks. When we visit your home we will be able to provide a more accurate timescale.

Will I need planning permission?

Loft conversions often fall under the permitted development category, therefore planning permission is not always required. However, there are certain exceptions in which planning permission is needed, such as if your home is a listed building, or your conversion exceeds a specific size. Our experienced team will help guide you through this process.

Will it add value to my house?

Similar to the addition of a tailormade kitchen, research has shown that adding a loft conversion to your home can increase the value of your by up to 20%.

Is there enough space under my roof?

In order to complete a loft conversion the underside of your roof apex should measure at least 2.1 metres tall.


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